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  1. until

    I will take over and create event channel in a bit.
  2. Bossof00

    [DI-XXX] League of D&D


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FX_2UevHbE for more rogue information
  3. Bossof00

    [DI-CIII] BEEsiness tours


    I rate the games bee/bee but @Kanalizator a 0/10 as a host.
  4. until
    Hosting Officer: @Bossof00 Token: Other Event Token Location: A voice channel in our private Discord will be created under the Temp Event Channels prior to the event's starting time. Description We will be going over everything you need to know for Initiation and the basics about DI. From how your Cohort is structured, how initiation & graduation works, the structure of DI, how to attend events and earn rep. There will be a chance for you to ask questions about initiation directly to an Order Officer of Ludus Magnus Slides Here Please show up before 5 past the hour to be eligible for REP
  5. Nice job getting a recruit lol. Should we expect more?

    1. voldermort


      @13thShadeyou trying to reach the record or something?

    2. Terrorblade


      LMAOOOO @Bossof00 be nice :diL:

  6. until

    EZ game, EZ life. These tourneys are just a battle for who gets runner up to me lol.
  7. until

    2 tournaments, two victories. EZ game, EZ life.
  8. until

    EZ game EZ life.
  9. until

  10. Bossof00

    [DI-CIV] Secret Hitler


    I could have gone to first hour but I am going to another event at the current start time.
  11. until

    If you could push it back an hour I could 100% go, there's a high likelihood I will be eating dinner at the current time.
  12. One of my favorite songs.

  13. until

    I probably won't be able to make this.
  14. Bossof00

    [DI-IV] Beees Scribblio


    If you could move this forward or back an hour I could go to it, I’m going to another event at this time but am free the other hours.
  15. Bossof00

    [DI-VIII] Cards Against Humanity.


    So is the event room going to be made on discord soon?
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