community appeals

Have an enquiry or appeal for the Justice system? Please fill out this form and we will respond within 7 days.

If you want the Justice team to be able to get you a response quickly you really need to ensure you include the following information:

Who was involved? (Who issued the strike? Who was present at the time of issue? Who was involved and who can add further information for us?) What happened? (What were the circumstances? What other information can you provide to assist us in dealing with the investigation quickly?) When did it happen? (When did the incident occur? Try and have dates and times if you can.) Where did it occur? (Was the issue on Discord? Was it in-game or was it through forums?) Why are you appealing? (Is it due to unfair reasons? Was it due to an I.T issue?)

If your blacklist is overturned, please understand that you will be required to serve a 3-month period on probation, and that your blacklist will be reinstated if you fail.