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  1. Roses are red, you deal with daggers just like caesar , but in the end you carrier will end like a collapsar

  2. Roses are red, I run Dagger and you got no swagger 

  3. Roses are red, why are you talking about a dress , is 10 pounds all you can bench press?

  4. Roses are red, if I’m stepping down, I wanna see a picture of you wearing a gown 

  5. Roses are red, if leave this town , then its time for you to be stepping down 

  6. Roses are red, you’re a clown with a unicycle, time to get out of my town 

  7. Roses are red, your rhymes are recycled, i could fight you on a unicycle

  8. Roses are red, my name is Unseelie and I can fight you while doing a wheelie

  9. Roses are red, your name is purple, does this make your house slow as a turtle?

  10. Roses are red, your name is Silent and you smell like your from trident 

  11. Roses are red, if we 1v1 zed , i would spread you like bread

  12. Roses are red, I’m in bed but can still beat you in a 1v1 on zed 

  13. Roses are red , i have a formal complaint , is it time to contact @13thShade diPega

  14. Roses are red , My name is violet, if you have a complaint you can just file it

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