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  1. until

    Event was cancelled because only 3 teams showed up evidence : https://prnt.sc/t7iah4 https://prnt.sc/t7iajm
  2. until

    i edited the link
  3. until

    https://www.faceit.com/ru/inv/mUOxB6p Faceit Hub
  4. Congratulasions For the Promotion To Officer:peepoClap:

  5. ztvqdC67K10.jpg
    Secret Star Wars for people who upvote ( not only them, but i can't put you all:peepoLove: )

  6. Basic initiation 250rep and 50 posts but elite needs only 250rep and 15 posts + 8 events? There is no really difference, if you gonna simplify the initiation programm to the Elite like 100rep and 15 posts we gonna bring a lot of Elite people because right know they prefer more to practice not to grind 250 rep
  7. Yeah that's good idea i am waiting for this also
  8. until

    https://dmginc.gg/emt?i=4091 i host it instead of somberone
  9. until

    i ofc, maybe i gonna host smth like this in the next time
  10. until

    Actually i can't host becuase i lost warden rank. sadly
  11. until
    DI-XXXV CS:GO GUIDES Host: @Consumentor Token: Other Event Token 1/hour Event Details: On this session we gonna talk about prefire practice and stuff
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