damage inc introduces our new cs:go roster

Damage Inc is proud to announce that Team Xplicit has joined our up and coming competitive scene for CS:GO.

about xplicit

The Team follows the faded footsteps of other illustrious Damage Inc Teams of the past. Each member possesses a decade of individual experience as well as several hard years of dedicated teamwork together. As seasoned veterans they currently compete in ESEA and are ranked within the top 10 teams out of 154. A truly amazing performance so far.

All members of the roster hail from Romania. In their home country they are among the top 5 teams for CS:GO and have competed at local tournaments regularly to hone their skills.

the players

Rising star Ersin “Ersin” Chiriac has impressed with his performance at IDM LAN and Starnet Iasi LAN and was subsequently picked up as a starter for XPLICIT. Ersin has set out to make his mark on an international stage. Opponents know him as the first player they see - and often the last.

Ersin about joining Damage Inc:

“For me, joining DI so far is the greatest experience in terms of CS, they have supported us like no one has ever done and provided us with the things every team needs. DI is a community full of great members, I have met some of them and can't wait to meet more, fun to play with, with really amazing skills in a big variety of games. I love being an Elite member of DI and I will continue to put up numbers to make them proud and to represent who we truly are. The elite ones.”

The second entry fragger on the roster is Ifrim “m1rfi-” Andrei. Hungry for success m1rfi has proven that he is not to be trifled with - most notably when finishing 3rd at Asus ROG masters. His playstyle secures important plays in their matches. Together with Ersin he is the solid foundation the team can rely on.

Alex “AlexDz” Badarau brings his godlike aim to the roster. An AWP certainly can turn the odds in your favour and Alex can be quite the show-off with one in his hands. As a veteran, he knows his angles and if the no-scope does not work a one-deag definitely does the trick.

Every team needs a shotcaller. A person who remains cool-headed and thinks quick on their feet. For XPLICIT this falls unto the shoulders of Nicolae “Nyx-Spectre” Valentin. When his teammates need someone to rely and fall back upon Nyx is there to support in clutch situations. He founded and led the team with focus and dedication for almost 3 years.

Nyx-Spectre about joining Damage Inc:

“Personally for me DI so far is a great organized community with a lot of experience in what a community should look like. From the beginning we had a lot of help and for us DI provided everything we needed to practice at a high level.There is a lot of buzz and always people to play with. I wish I had more time to connect with all the people in the community. DI is a place for every gamer that wishes to meet new people and have some fun in the most organized community that I have ever seen.”

The last spot of the team is filled by Tudor “Dyla” Pop. As the lurker, he is the eyes and ears of the team and gathers intelligence around the map. His reflexes and aim allow for some clutch flicks. With his past team he managed to reach division 3 in 99 dmg and qualified for ESEA intermediate.

Team Page

In addition to this powerful team Samir “Wolfrag” K stepped up as manager. He takes care of their everyday life here in DI. As a long-term member he knows how to support the team with everything they need; like organising practice times and setting up their social media presence so that Xplicit can focus on what they do best: gaming.

The team has now climbed the steep hill that is CS:GO competitive and fiercely established themselves as one of the top 200 teams in all of Europe. We are thrilled to have them and excited for their future.

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