valhalla league season 1

valhalla league

season 1

“A sword age, a wind age, a wolf age. No longer is there mercy among men.” - Snorri Sturloson

what is valhalla league?

Valhalla League was born by ambitious minds within Damage Inc. The league has been made to give ample opportunity for teams to test their skills against other teams, feel the hype and intensity of broadcasted matches and connect with other like minded e-sportsmen and -women.

Valhalla League is planned, organised and hosted by the Event Managers of Damage Inc.

In February 2021 the first public season of Valhalla League will start. The league is planned to be quarterly henceforth.

During the first season the league will be hosted for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Future seasons will be featuring more games.


Valhalla League will run every Wednesday at 7PM Central European Time.

stage 1

Valhalla League will be a round robin tournament. This means that every team competes against each team once.

stage 2

After the round robin tournament has been concluded the top 4 placed teams will move forward to a double elimination bracket tournament. The bracket tournament will be hosted during the weekends following the conclusion of Stage 1.


Valhalla League Season 1 starting in February 2021 will consist of the following games:

Counter Strike: Global Offensive - EU

rules, regulations, and registration

Rules and Regulations can be found here

Registration will be done on battlefy. Team captains sign up their team on the website and must stay in it. Single registration will not be taken into account. Valhalla League will be team sign-up only. If you encounter any difficulties an Event Manager of Damage Inc will be able to help you. You can find Event Managers on our Public Discord. Ask on the server or write a ticket!

Registration will be confirmed by a Damage Inc Event Manager once all team and player details are sorted and registration fee payment has been confirmed.

When signing up for Valhalla League the team acknowledges and agrees to the rules of the tournament. They agree to participate and play for the entirety of the tournament. Dropping out of the team and thus the tournament can result in a temporary or permanent ban from Damage Inc Events in the future.

General rules will apply for the entirety of Valhalla League. Game specific rules will apply for the specific game.


The winner of Valhalla League will receive the Valhalla Champion Role in our private Discord until the next season decides the next champion of their game.

Valhalla League - Counter Strike Global Offensive will have a prize pool of $500. The prize pool will be distributed to the first three placements as stated in our rulebook.

The first stage of Valhalla League will start on Wednesday, 3rd of February 2021.

Schedule can be found here.

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