damage inc welcomes our new rocket league roster

With joy and pride we can announce today that we are welcoming a top performing Rocket League roster as one of our official teams in the EU region.

about ice

The team has been working hard in recent months to improve and grow together within the competitive scene of Rocket League. With a methodical and dedicated approach to esports, they excel in their desire to innovate. Their new methods have already started to pique the interest of scrim partners and tournament adversaries.

In recent weeks they have been playing The Field to climb to the highest echelons of competitive Rocket League and have so far reached Division 2 - ranking top 64 in Europe. Albeit the year 2020 did not allow the team to compete in LANs so far they are regularly showing up to online tournaments. They competed in the Eurocup and placed in the top 32 - next to known RLCS teams of Europe. Despite them only playing together for a humble six months, this achievement foreshadows greatness for those dedicated gamers.

the players

An old name in DI is Rick “Onko” Schunselaar. Although he is not known for flashy plays he is a highly respected and consistent player and in a high-pace game such as Rocket League, consistency is key. Within his team, Onko is the captain: the one who keeps everyone focused, motivated, and energetic.

Onko on re-joining Damage Inc:

“Coming back to DI feels like coming home. I took a break from DI to further my esports career and I am happy to be able to combine the two in the future. It’s awesome to see so many old faces around. I hope that we can make you guys proud!”

Timon “iRivelA” Kölbli is the second starter of the roster. A calm influence whose methodical approach resonates well with the team mentality. His teammates know that they can rely on him. No matter how hectic the game gets, how nerve wrecking the overtime, iRivelA keeps a cool head and carries on like a true competitor should always do.

Every team needs a showstopper and Niklas “Frosty” Gomišček excels in this role. He makes recovering from mistakes into nutty aerials look easy. While solid rotations make and break games, a surprising, high-end mechanical play can secure a goal - and it makes for good clips, too.

Frosty on joining Damage Inc:

“I'm excited to play for DI which from what I've heard and seen so far seems to be a really tight-knit and kind community. Hopefully we can provide you guys with some banger games and content that you'll enjoy watching throughout our time here!”

Of course every team needs a substitute. The one player that has the team’s back and knows how they work and play together. For our team this important role is filled by **** “****”. For her playstyle as well as selfless determination, she is held in high regards by her teammates.

Team Page

The team certainly has the right mindset to make it to the top. No win taken for granted, each loss taken as a learning opportunity. They strive for the optimal options rather than the safe ones. We are truly happy to have them, and support them on their journey to the top!