League with Ra1v0

Nov 29th 2023

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November 29th 05:00 PM
Length: 1 hour

League of Legends - Casual
10 rep/h (Flex Event)


4 Attendees

League with Ra1v0

Server is EU.

If you're on another server but want to join this event, make sure you have at least 1 person with you who's playing on the same server. No SoloQ!

If we get 10 players who want to play a custom we can if everyone agrees!

We'll be playing normals, but if you have a ranked buddy you can get a subchannel :)

Event location: An event channel with the name "League with Ra1v0" will be created in the DI Private Discord a few minutes before the scheduled start time. Remember to RSVP in order to get the rep!

Event rep: 1rep/6min (10/hour)

Don't be toxic please :)