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All terms, statements, policies and practices inclusive and applicable to all websites owned by Damage Inc, including, but not limited to, domain names, content, branding, intellectual property, business identity, personal identity, text, images, site access statistics, names, logos, of any owned or associated, including, but not limited to, all other domains, copyright, and/or trademark property of Damage Inc owner associates.

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All site information and materials are copyrighted by Damage Incorporated. All rights reserved. All materials are provided for noncommercial or personal use only on this site or official Damage Incorporated related media channels and may not be copied, duplicated, altered, or transferred to any website or medium whatsoever without permission. All requests for permission must be made in writing, in advance of intended use. All requests will be reviewed. Licensing and/or Permissions Agreements will be negotiated and determined. Agreements must only be given by an authorised officer. Community members are permitted to use the assets from the download section on their own media channels without written permission, as long as the assets are utilized according to their respective guidelines.

brand colors

di red
Hex #b64240
RGB 182,66,64
CMYK 0,64,65,2
Pantone 1807 C
di black
Hex #191919
RGB 25,25,25
CMYK 0,0,0,90
Pantone Black 6 C
di white
Hex #dddddd
RGB 221,221,221
CMYK 0,0,0,13
Pantone Cool Gray 1 C

logo variations

light red
dark red
light red
dark red

visual components

Our logo typically comprise of two visual components:

1) Eagle: The official Damage Incorporated brandmark.
2) Damage Inc: The official Damage Incorporated wordmark.


Unless instructed otherwise or for reasons outside of your control the Damage Inc logo is always used on a dark background. Depending on the background tone (dark / light) you are working with the appropriate logo variations have to be used. The logo variations represented above resemble the only correct way to use our logo.

On Dark backgrounds the “Light” logo variation has to be used.
On Light backgrounds the “Dark” logo variation has to be used.

Generally speaking you are expected to always use our dual tone logo. For specific design reasons the mono tone logo can be used. Additional conditions for the usage of our logo can be found down below.

house logo's

house trident
house dagger
house javelin
house sabre
house longbow
house silver
Hex #a1a1a2
RGB 161,161,162
CMYK 39,32,32,1
house gold
Hex #c2a940
RGB 194,169,64
CMYK 26,29,91,1

house banners

trident blue
Hex #36597a
RGB 54,89,122
CMYK 85,63,33,14
dagger red
Hex #7a3435
RGB 122,52,53
CMYK 34,84,71,36
javelin green
Hex #50713f
RGB 80,113,63
CMYK 70,36,89,22
sabre grey
Hex #4e4e4f
RGB 78,78,79
CMYK 65,58,56,36
longbow purple
Hex #5f3f71
RGB 95,63,113
CMYK 71,85,28,13


Do utilize the logo in a single color. It appears in black, white, or full color only.

Do always have a good amount of clearance around the logos.

Do present the logos with crisp, sharp lines.

Do use black as the default on light backgrounds, and white on dark backgrounds.


Don't alter, add, distort, cut off, redraw, or change into an outline.

Don't add embellishments, such as glows, drop shadows, gradients, textures, patterns and so on.

Don't rotate, tilt, or use it vertically.

Don't change any color.

Don't invert any color.

Don't use the logo on a busy background.

Don't overlap elements on top of or under the logo.

Don't recreate the logo in 3D or animate it.

Don't move either component outside of their intended positions.

Don't change the size of either component.


novecento sans wide

Our entire brand is built on the Novecento Sans Wide font family which can be downloaded at the download section at the bottom of this page. In most instances this font is used on a dark background, in which case DI White (#dddddd) is to be used as color. When this font is used on a light background, DI Black (#191919) is to be used as color.

When writing “Damage Inc” you are expected to always use the DemiBold typeface to accurately reproduce the text from our logo. Most titles and headings are also written in DemiBold for this reason. When using only our wordmark as text you are not obligated to use DI Red and DI White as represented in the image below.

novecento sans wide demibold | 590 glyphs

Our font is always used all caps. All letters always have to have the same size, meaning usage of different sizes on capital letters, including names, is not allowed.

Not Allowed

Not Allowed

Not Allowed





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