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  1. My voice is a lone one, as it doesn't shout I love DI, but even in the absence of such sentences, I have people who care, who message and who love a stranger on the internet. Now that is the true power of DI. Not the competetive side, not the leadership positions, but the people who you meet in an event, with who you share a laugh or reaction to a bad pun and for who you turn on your computer or phone to see if they are online in discord.

    1. Sif


      Don't make the mistake of thinking you are alone brother.

      Silence goes a long way :) 

  2. Do YOU believe you can walk on water?

    1. CheesyRock


      If you're fast enough?

      Y e s

      girl door GIF

  3. The time will also come where we have to chose between long term safety and short term bandages

  4. Guess who's back, back again. An0n's back, tell a friend!

  5. Bananas are berries and a herb. thanks for coming to my TED talk

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    2. AN0N1M0US


      you brought this upon me rock, now the world will suffer as I have suffered

    3. CheesyRock


      Oh no what have I done



    4. Syphontwo


      I completely broke a college professor with that fact once.  I happened to be walking by his classroom before class started and heard him and some students debating the status of a banana.  I had a class next door, and I spent the first 30 minutes or so googling when I had a spare moment to get a credible answer.  Then I told my professor, "Sorry, but I gotta go do this real quick" he was cool and didn't ask what "this" was at all.

      I left my room, walked to the next one, threw open the door and with NO exposition simple stated "According to [Oxford I think was the source], a banana is a berry and an herb." then I just closed the door and went back to my class.


      Apparently that other professor just sat there dumbfounded and took a big swig from his "water" bottle.  He was broke for like, 10 solid minutes (according to an acquaintance I had in that class).

  6. I guess 'Stay hydrated' is my catchphrase now :)

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    Taking over
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    Thanks for coming and playing :))
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    Taking over
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    taking over
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    Host: @AN0N1M0US Award: Other event token (10 rep) Event Location: Discord Voice Channel [DI-XVII] Legends Anonymous We are going to play some League Of Legends! Feel free to play Ranked Solo/Duo, Normals, Flex, or even TFT. Just be sure to have a partner with you all the time. There is no judgement here, we are all League addicts. Therefore, join me in Legends Anonymous tonight!
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    Taking over
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    token: competative event token members: @RiVer@TheWolfGuy@Higure@Chibichan@M4trix03 plan for this training: looking to go for a BO3 scrim or a VOD review
  14. until
    token: competative event token members: @RiVer@TheWolfGuy@Higure@Chibichan@M4trix03 plan for this training: looking to go for a BO3 scrim or a VOD review
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    not enough people RSVP''ed
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