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  1. until

    Great event, the only problem was that we only did deathmatch - maybe next time you could do CTF and elimination aswell?
  2. until

    This event, which has now become a staple of the community, has only recently been introduced to our lives. The event has now become relatively popular, with a consistent eleven ish people turning up every single day. Randomizer heros starts the same as any other event would: we all join the room and start talking… until 5 past the hour. It is a rush of excitement as sub-channels are created, people leaving and joining constantly, and as quickly as it began, the dust settles. Its luck of the draw so to speak, if you are lucky, you may end up in a quiet, but still talkative room with frall and nana, but if not, you could end up in a hellscape of sound having but waffle and zappy to keep you company, we all pity those who end up like that, but arguably the worse fate, would be to end up in a room, where all you can hear is the soft buzz of a mercy mains wand. Communication is devoid in that accursed room. After the hand of gamepizza has decided and battletags have been exchanged, we queue. It Is argue, that queuing is the most intense time. It is then we know, who will end up a hanzo, and who a genji. It is all random, and who knows what we’ll get. I remember, in my first event (the one I will be focusing on mainly here today), I was so so excited. The idea was new, revolutionary, and I am able to proudly say that it hasn’t lost its touch. Our team got dive… but with an orisa. It was hilarious! We never won of course, but that was not the point. One of the greatest things about the event, is how the lack of freedom for heroes, allowed even greater freedom in experimentation. It’s a wonderful break from standard QP. The atmosphere was wonderful! The event lasted in total for around 1 hour. The best part of the event, in my opinion, was the zany team comps which came up. Things which we would never in our wildest dreams had done, we were doing. A pharah with a moira who would coalesce to keep up the barrage of rockets, the new meta: a Hammond piledriving a highnoon! Another excellent quality, is the confusion of the other teams faces. It was just a standerd QP for them. They were completely unused to the chaos going on around them. Nothing in the world could match the feeling of winning a game of randomizers, such a difficult achievement, but such a reward! The feeling of having performed to the best of your ability, to have won with such a significant handicap, the feeling of elation is shared all around. Unfortunately, dear reader, I now must admit, there were some bad things to the event. I understand that while some may thrive upon the atmosphere and the sound, that some may hate it. This event is not for the people who are scared easily, and this problem is exasperated if you are in a room with zappy. The second negative, and one of the biggest ones, is not a problem with the magagement, but of the format itself. Sometimes, your comps are just so awful its no fun. Getting rolled 10 times in a row is no fun for anyone at all. For example, sometimes you may be dragon blading with genji and getting a 6k, which is immensely boring and happens a lot (especially if you zarya has just got a fat grav in the spawn). In conclusion. This event is an incredible experience. Many after reading this review may think that they will not enjoy it, and they may be right, but what I do firmly believe is that everyone who has every picked up a mouse must at least try this once. This has got to be one of the greatest modes to grace DI in a long long time. 9/10
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