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  1. until

    Cancelled due to half of the Officers stepping down for various reasons.
  2. until
    [Division Commander] Host: @SgtBlaze [Division Vice] Co-Host: @Iubita Event Token: Other Event Token(10 REP) x Hour Event Location: Discord Event Channel -> [DI-III] Officer Team Meeting Details: It's time that we had a meeting to discuss problems in the Division, what every officer can do to adress each problem, as well as discuss the Vision, Mision, and Culture of not just the Division as a whole, but it's officers as well. Attendance is for Officers only and its Mandatory attendance. @SgtBlaze @Iubita @space1230 @Bobhawk9902
  3. Division 3 needs a Competitive Team Leader to grow 3rd's Team A.

    If you or someone you know are interested in the position, let me know as soon as possible.

  4. Division III is actively looking for a Competitive Team Leader for Team A.
    Message me if you're interested.

  5. 2 down, 1 to go:K7SDx5N.png

    1. YoursTrulyLeah


      Congratulations! Here I am trying to get anything higher then low diamond ???

  6. until

    Event Log
  7. until

    Me and @Iubitawill be hosting a SW event during the time of this hangout.
  8. Welcome back from Away, general.pngGeneral.




  9. Not sure if I enjoy the MDR working again and showing this surprice:

    15 people drop, ouch, I better get to recruiting again.

  10. until

    @Iubita, @YoursTrulyLeah, event moved back 1 hour per @Bobhawk9902's request.
  11. until
    Hosting Officer: @SgtBlaze Co-Hosting Officer: @Iubita Token: Unofficial/None Unofficial meeting for Team Leaders and upp. Description: We need to discuss plans for the month of May, and what each Officer is expected to handle. We'll be talking about: Priority of Objectives. Division Restructuring. Delegations. Deadlines. Growth Plans. Other Miscelanious Topic. Extra: The following members of DI-III has mandatory RSVP and attendence: Division Commander: @SgtBlaze Division Vice: @Iubita Team Leader A: @YoursTrulyLeah Team Leader B: @Bobhawk9902 Failure to RSVP/Attend will result in a Failure to Comply with Orders strike. If times are an issue, message @SgtBlaze with alternate times.
  12. until

    I think our shenanigans here, has attracted quite the audience.
  13. until

    @Iubita, would you look at that. You are so invited that you are invited twice.
  14. until

    I have a feeling that Mandatory RSVP will be DI-III Vice exclusive.
  15. until

    Right, already forgot that you're going for the record.
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