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  1. duende

    [AFU] Overwatch Bootcamp


    Thank you very much for your quick answer, Worfrag. I will forward it to my roster.
  2. duende

    [AFU] Overwatch Bootcamp


    Hello, first of all i want to thank you all for those bootcamps. I really look forward to assist'em all if i am able to. That's why i write you, tonight we are participating in a external tournament one hour before this event start. As you can imagine being a Bo5 with pauses allowed and 12 people involved + subs, the time it takes can vary from less than an hour to almost 3 (been there). Just wonder if i can join the event when it already started, just o attend the second hour (after the break). Thank you for your time and your work.
  3. until

    Actually is more like 14 hours :P
  4. I feel so privileged, WhiteRabbit has been my personal coach but also my team's, so i am able now to fit my gameplay in that greater vision that is my roster. She really makes you question and think about how everything operates in specific aspects of the game with great effort. She does a great job explaining your bad habits to you. However, WhiteRabbit isn't only focussing on the negative plays, she also tells you when you did something right and explains why that was the correct play. I'm definitely more aware of how to handle my future gameplay better which wasn't clear before and was mostly operated subconsciously or out of misinformation. Very much pleased by the quality of coaching and I'm really looking forward for the future sessions. When the session ends, she takes the trouble to send you personalized notes on the key moments of the VoD and the aspects to work on. She cannot make it easier or better, imho. If as a coach she is wonderful, on a personal level she is even better. Patient, close, pedagogical and with infinite patience. What does it take to teach this old man with a thicc hard-to-understand accent ;) I cannot but recommend her to coach you individually or as roster. Priceless. Thank you for everything, WhiteRabbit!
  5. until

    Perfectly understable. Thanks for taking it into consideration. GL to both teams!!
  6. until

    Excuse me for coming here with my doubts, so excited with FightNights. I was wondering if you had planned about streaming the game or even accepting spectators (not tokens for them, of course). I am a member of Emerald Boostio DI-III[A5] OW team, seems fair to point this out since we will play agaisnt you, hope so, at some point. It is not just about spying, :P but also because i like watching ow 6-stack games. Dunno if it is allowed on rules, didn't see anything about this on any post on Fight Night forum section, but before asking AFU officers i wanted to know if you feel confortable with the idea, don't want to push it without your approval. Maximum respect. Thanks for your time and consideration. gl&hf
  7. until

    Sorry, hope it isn't nothing serious. We need your echo blade! :p
  8. until

    First time i played it cracked my mind in a 13 minutes Lijiang Tower contest (one) point fun! Fracking insane and hilarious. <3 waffles
  9. until

    RSVP as maybe while i wonder a question for you. As a recently promoted member, there are many aspects of DI i am just curious about but don't have any specific doubts further than that educational interest. Sorry for any unintended disappointment.
  10. until

    It was a pleasure to meet so many people from Longbow for the first time. I learned a lot about this community. There were so many of you on discord! Thanks for hosting and thanks you all for attending.
  11. until

    Is always fun to play with you guys! Thanks for hosting @Pyneful❤️
  12. until

    its this have been cancelled?
  13. duende

    [DI-XXV] Tryhard Dva kinder egg


    Focus Dva ffs!!! Crazy mode, so fun. Thank you for bringing me into it!!
  14. until

    Thanks a lot Lokiiama for such kindness explaining so patiently and clearly the structucture and the basis of DI when we were just two of us. You rocks, ma'am!
  15. until

    Thanks for bringing Initiates so much light to this overwhelming and amazing community. Were there to learn about the structure and was clear and tidy. Maybe in a future as member i will try the dark path to staff so we will meet again on one of these events ?
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