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  1. until

    Best Event <3
  2. until

    United we stand United we fight and United we win. I think that Event should how much communication is valued in Tournaments and how people can work together to reach the goal . Thx to my whole Team that mate that Journey possible
  3. I wish you best of luck Gelato Friend.

    1. TFRPhoenix


      Same to you Gelato Brother.

  4. until

    I will not make it to the first hour but I will be there in the second one so make sure to wait for me in the second hour so I have one to play . I can play on NA and EUW
  5. until

    Cancelled the event because of NA server issues . Didnt ask if euw is working and if Euw people want to still play. Also cancelled the event before even trying to create a custom . Turns out that would have worked .
  6. until

    wait can you atleast host for euw ? :(
  7. Shissssssssssssssssssssssssssh look at that clean PIc . Damn his is thicc boy

  8. Poggers the Legend himself ? 

  9. until

    Best host ever he even changed the cahnnel discription just so that people can play what they wanted to play ?
  10. until

    Amazing duo queue with blindhead. This was one of that queue which was less about the game and more about the people in it . I rly enjoyed it alot ?
  11. until

    Thx for that chilled game . Rly nice community with a lot of warm hearted people ❤️
  12. until

    Lovely Game with my friend was so good. I had a lovely time with them much love to everyone ❤️
  13. until

    This TFT Rounds were fcking epic. Thx for the games guys and see you around ?
  14. until

    Support Lux 300 ms easy freelo :d
  15. until

    good old blind pick . Long time no see
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