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  1. Selcouth

    Away System

    Added: Officers with NC unit are unable to take an away until the unit is compliant or step down.
  2. Your name is wonderful. :D 

  3. Added: *Aways are required to have REP earned for days not on away, calculated by taking 150 REP/month divided by 30 days = amt of REP per day x days not on away in that month*
  4. ?

    1. Selcouth


      TRIANGLE ! The strongest shape.

  5. Selcouth

    Hosting Events

    Updated to add: - A mandatory 30 min event hosting cool down applies after hosting.
  6. Selcouth


    Updated to add: - Post a monthly House Announcement with news, awards and promotions
  7. until

  8. until

    The description is still incorrect. Events must be planned out ahead of time and not during/right before the event starts. Events are pre-planned. This should be more specific of what is going to happen & be played at the event: Event starts. Gamemode will be decided by the General.
  9. until

    @SgtBlaze - The correct prefix to use is DI not DIV. This is in the CoO. Also your description is vague and does not define activity in detail to prove planning occurred prior to the event commencement.
  10. until

    @toe - there is no time selected for this event. Please fix this.
  11. How did you make that profile banner?

    That's so nicee!

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    2. Selcouth


      My discord died!!! ? 

    3. ImJax


      Same here like 10 minutes ago, it's creating some problems. Apparently some schools are using discord for talking ? 

    4. Selcouth
  12. @H3XStudio - there is no time selected on this event.
  13. until

    @Kimmen - the RSVP function is not enabled and there is no time selected on this event.
  14. until

    No worries. Sorry I missed it. Is it free?
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