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  1. until

    What I can say is, I understand what they were trying to do and I respect the fact that they are trying to make smt here, but to give an example, ruining someone's hype for TC by DQ a team for a weird reason such as "not full roster" doesn't feel right. Make so many strict rules for a small tournament that gives nothing in return (other than a bit of rep and experience) is too much. Put money prizes on the line or Twitch streaming for the last match or 2 matches, or rep prizes? sure, but no need for so much for people to just have fun. So yea, i would happily attend a clash or a FN event as well than attempt to join this, unless they make some changes so that people can have FUN. I do hope that someone will change for the next TC, or it's gonna be another failed attempt.
  2. until

    This comment is no hatred towards the AFU nor the leadership, just want give my overall thoughts on my experience with the "Thor's Challenge" event. First of all, I am not happy with how it went so far. i understand that AFU wanted to be professional and all that with everything scheduled, but you have to also understand, this isn't a professional competitive tournament (no twitch streaming, maybe no money prizes). Plus, there's so many people from a competitive roster that could not join the event due to irl problems or maybe everything planned changed right before the TC (this happened to a player from my competitive team, and i might not be alone on this). Imagine around 7 teams that were in this event then another 3, (all 5 ready for TC), had to make separate channels to play separately (and maybe more teams that immediately left, not sure). But this isn't professional, especially when there's no money prizes involved, no twitch streaming, prolly no recognition and for a lot of players that were DQ, no hype for the next TC or VL. I really hope my review will be heard to AFU and leadership, because I speak for a few teams that were 100% ready and were DQ bcs of "not having a sub/ not having the full roster". This isn't VL and a few people will agree with my message. Thank you.
  3. until

    Whoever scrolled down till here, Hi! Nice to meet y'all xD
  4. 1 year later...

    This is a funny throwback. Thanks DI. You still had one job. :diL: 



  5. until
    Host: @TheBullet43 Token: Other Event Token. Description: This is an introduction event for the players from Griffin Sabre. @strakkini @SirAnxiety @Seawz @triggerwood
  6. https://gyazo.com/8364fc6cb5a0a4285f3d36ca933e0289
  7. That pfp tho ? 


    its cursed but in a good way

    1. TheBullet43


      It's cursed, cuz we both miss the good times. ?

    2. Dasher
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