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  1. Dexterprice


    host - @Dexterprice Token - other event token Details - 2 hour event of fun qp action....host on NA BUT EU is welcome...bring a friend have some fun and just relax
  2. Dexterprice

    [DI XXV] Casual QP

    Host; @Dexterprice token other event token details- just having some good old random casual qp fun hosted on NA server but EU is welcome
  3. until
    Host @Dexterprice Token - other event token Details; working on comp and synergys for upcoming fight night.
  4. until
    Host @Dexterprice Token- other event token Details - comp practice for up comming fight night
  5. until
    Host; @Dexterprice Token -Other Event Token Event Details- Working on team strategy for upcoming Fight night matches... @CarinaNebula@Trizemlya @SkullybatOz @thephoenixbrave @ProGamer @Buck
  6. until
    Host; @Dexterprice Token -Other Event Token Event Details- Working on team strategy for upcoming Fight night matches... @CarinaNebula@Trizemlya @SkullybatOz@thephoenixbrave @ProGamer@Starlight
  7. until
    Host: @Dexterprice award; other event token details :team fight night practice working on comp and synergys together to compete in the following weeks @SkullybatOz@An1ta@Buck @thephoenixbrave @ProGamer @Trizemlya
  8. changed my discord name because of world issues...didnt wanna come off anything more then just a name....so i changed it....its now ... Dexterprice


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    2. Sy


      Should've kept your name tbh, if some recruit has a problem with it it's great, didn't want more oversensitive delusional people in DI anyway. 

      Seth Meyers Lol GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers

    3. Toxy


      @Sy couldn't have worded it better xd

    4. Dexterprice


      I’m tryin to get myself outta whole and back on the right track with DI to many issues I been involved with and don’t want anymore added so I took the bigger road 

  9. until

    Y not 2 hrs lol
  10. until

    https://i.imgur.com/y8XRU40.png begining https://i.imgur.com/wnlM78s.png middle end i had refreshed the page and it changed events on me and i started the wrong one.... didnt notice it until midmark .....i informed my TL . @QualityButter and my commander @Starlight
  11. until
    Hosted by ; @ thatwhiteguybob Event token - other event +10 rep per hour 2 hour event We will be practicing for fight night...working on strategy and so forth for upcoming fight nights Na server @alf @KaosTek @Drako
  12. until
    Overwatch Mystery Hosted by : @thatwhiteguybob Event token : other event token (+10 rep per hour) who you gonna go ? who you gonna play? come find out in Overwatch Mystery where we will be playin Mystery heroes 2 hour event NA servers but EU lads are welcome
  13. Dexterprice

    [DI XXV] Overwatch QP

    Overwatch QP hosted by: @thatwhiteguybob event token: other event token (+10 rep per hour) 2 hour event we will play some killer QP action with all sorts of madness NA servers But EU lads welcome!
  14. until
    Overwatch Mysteries hosted by : @thatwhiteguybob Event token-other token (+10 rep per hour) 2 hour event having some fun while keep it a mystery come join all the action NA servers but my EU lads are always welcome!!!!
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