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  1. until

    This is a good time for me. With this time it's a bit later for EU members at 10pm, but not too late. Any later and you're limiting the player base to mostly NA. My steam friend code is 8358229
  2. until

    A fun event with some good conversation.
  3. until

    I wouldn't call Iron Banner chill. ?
  4. justifiable187

    [DI-CV] Minecraft Fun


    Got it - I didn't know the different versions didn't talk to tone another. Leave it to M$ to do thing different, aaand... just downloaded & purchased java version. Account: justifiable187 I am consistent.
  5. justifiable187

    [DI-CV] Minecraft Fun


    Sen them a PM. Egotistical said that @Nechtmarriehandles the official Minecraft server.
  6. justifiable187

    [DI-CV] Minecraft Fun


    Need a whitelist. My Microsoft ID is justifiable187
  7. The monthly requirement is great to see return as someone that does a lot of Super Weekend events.
  8. justifiable187

    [DI-CI] Dead By Daylight


    A fun event for a new player like me.
  9. until

    Just bought the game on GamersGate sale Also got Nightmare on Elm Street and Evil Dead DLCs
  10. until

    A fun time.
  11. You have to go to the Initiate Application section of the forum kind of like you did when you first joined to move past "Applicant" status so LM can make sure your information transfers from the old site. https://dmginc.gg/forums/forum/10-initiate-applications/ using the following format: Title: [Member name here] Transfer Request [Div here] Body of post: Link to account on old forums: Name on old forums: Requested name on new forums:
  12. https://dmginc.gg/discord/invite/general/ from the post
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