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  1. i'm bored (again) so i'm saying hi in bosnian. 


    1. MissWolfie


      Bonjour (Hello in French)

    2. ohm234



      Salut (hello in romanian)


  2. I got bored so I picked a random member to say hi too, so hi : D

  3. Happy Birthday :3

  4. I can guarantee I ma better at torb ngl

  5. ohm234

    The Future is Here

    I think it should be 25 posts, just cut it in half. That is plenty of time to figure out the forums. In my opinion, all the forum post requirements do is make people spam in the forums with dumb stuff. Also, while I'm still in my bad mood from my bad day, I might as well bring up initiation requirements. Simply to put, I think it proves nothing to have initiates do more. This whole "It proves they can do the requirements and stay in" I think is just dumb. You can prove you can put the time in by putting in the same time the rest of the community has to put in. If you want to respond to the initiation thing, I already make a thread recently called I just got a strike for spam lol or something like that. Look, I love this community, how its organized, the people here, etc. It just annoys me to see some of these things I completely disagree with while the higher ups seem to think it's fine. I really want to see things like thors cup or whatever fill up more, but as it is, we need more people and more people joining and staying, and I think we just make that harder with the current initiation system. I still think fi has a bright future tho : D
  6. ohm234

    The Future is Here

    50 POSTS LOL. Honestly though, 150 rep? like, can I not have to do that crap, please? Lower it to like 90 at most, some people have a life you know.
  7. until

    Where is the event going to be hosted
  8. Waiting, hopefully. for my stuff from the oh website to transfer over 

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