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  1. If your game isn't in the VL, you can't be the official DI team am I right ? xdddddddddd

  2. until

  3. I woke up today and I learnt that VL is not happening for CSGO. What a fucking shame man, just because a house failed to build a CSGO division costed us 7 fucking months, literally all the CSGO players have been waiting for this moment, and you decided to limit it to 2 games and don't give a shit for the rest of the players, interesting. You could have eliminated the spesific houses for the spesific games so that we could have more games in VL like RL,CSGO and possibly League NA. Just because someone failed to do their job shouldn't make other divisions suffer from this. If you could eliminate a house it would still make it 8 teams that are competing and you could still have league stage in VL, it doesn't affect the tournament at all, but yet you decide the cut off the game that has been stabile in DI for 6 months. Can someone explain why did I split my division twice and sent my vice to another division as a commander ? I made it to see VL happening for CSGO, but interesting enough, Synth out, probably never to come back. Because seeing DI not giving shit to CSGO makes me sad and makes my recent efforts worthless. 

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    2. HydeGamesYT


      This is not poggers

    3. GreatJackal



      I am sad too @Synth- but don't lose hope, there is another VL in literally 12 weeks, then another one 12 weeks after that, we are doing more and more of them, so im confident we can get CSGO back in action soon.

    4. Synth


      @GreatJackal I always have faith no worries, just be sure to run it in time and dont postpone it 5 months :D 

  4. I have a golden profile now, which one is better purple or golden themed profile ?

  5. yes yes very good I will take it as a yes
  6. that works , or papa @Siles can cast and stream for us lmao
  7. will there be a twitch stream ?
  8. I would like to see a DI CSGO event at last so if you have a fucking team please sign it up thanks <3

  9. Synth

    [DI-XL] Find the Weapons


    everyone can see that he fucked up stop pushing him lmao its like yelling someone that is already being arrested jesus
  10. until

    yes we live in an island somewhere in australia
  11. until

    you are racist towards silver players, I am silver 4 can I join
  12. quick update about training :

    4 hours in

    1 hour of aim_botz , 3.2k bots with one tap/burst , practiced snapping and one tapping

    1 hour of fast aim/reflex map with moving bots , 1.6k bots with one tap/burst , practiced tracking and angle holding

    1 hour of deathmatch , 600+ kills with mixed shooting style , practiced everything

    1 hour of surf , practiced movement and did it for a break cuz my wrist and my fingers hurt rn

    Summary : My aim never been this good in a while , in deathmatch I couldnt believe myself , literally had over 2 kda without sound , perfect length for aim practice should be 1-1.5 hours , because your wrist starts to hurt after that , I will keep doing this routine in upcoming days with 1.5h length . 

    1. MARKRUDY11


      "1 hour of surf , practiced movement and did it for a break cuz my wrist and my fingers hurt rn"

      i dont really recommend playing surf if you wanna learn movement/chill after prac what i recommend is finding a good KZ  server and practice there you movmint

  13. yeah 5 hours of aim practice might sound too much to you, but I gotta try, starting in 15 minutes, will comment when its done

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    2. Stefan


      Done with my 2 hours of aim prac when u do 2 hours non stop it gets torture at the end

    3. Stefan


      like my wrist my shoulder my hand is burning af

    4. Synth


      yeah true 

  14. until

    true comment 10/10
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