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  1. You started my time here MuttButt, 

    And I am going to end it. I am sorry for you to see this when you comeback, but...




  2. BlockzPvP3561

    [IMP] Discipline


    I don't see the channel for this event on discord Found it
  3. until

    I am going to leave early I am lagging and can't do anything, sorry! :(
  4. until

    Sorry I am lagging so hard and can't hear anything, what is happening?
  5. until

    Agreed I vote Skribbl
  6. until

    Thanks for hosting, it was a good event!
  7. until

    Glad you enjoyed it! I really wish I could've came.
  8. until

    Sorry that I can't come guys, hope you have fun! :)
  9. until

    Yes Tyler has explained how he will do it to me, but thank you!
  10. until

    To play with someone how will I friend them? And be in their party?
  11. until

    You too Bandicute! :) It seems like it will be fun.
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