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  1. So much developing to do! I am excited lol. (I am a indie game developer)



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    2. DovaahKitty


      Its already in development lol. Its going to be a full fantasy 2d type rpg. 


      Here is a small summary :)


      Twins raised on a wonderful farm on the edge of Duskcrest, life changes after their father goes missing,crops are dying and creatures become more and more irritated/dangerous.They are soon attacked by the neighboring country Solaris. They will need to become heroes of legend to save the world. They will need to fight against Solaris Troops and Find all the temples to get relics.


    3. Failurex


      Pretty good, that definitely can translate into a game format pretty well.

      I'll say best of luck regarding developing that one out!

    4. DovaahKitty
  2. until

    Sounds fun!
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