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  1. until

    Thanks for hosting. Had a few good games and I am slowly getting better. Looking forward to the next opportunity.
  2. until

    Has fun tonight. Thanks again for hosting!
  3. until

    Thanks for hosting! Looking forward to representing Div IX this evening. Let's do this!
  4. VooDeux

    [DI-IX] Weekend Warzone


    Looking forward to another round of Warzone. Hopefully will be a bit better by then.
  5. VooDeux

    [DI-IX] Warzone


    Looking forward to setting some time aside to practice Warzone instead of spending all of my time on MP.
  6. VooDeux

    [DI-IX] Warzone


    Definitely was a fun experience. Thanks for letting me tag along with you guys even though I was slowing y'all down. I learned a lot today.
  7. VooDeux

    [DI-IX] Warzone


    Looking forward to getting my first event done as well as playing Warzone for the first time. Let's do this!
  8. until

    Coming now
  9. until

    Anyone know if this is going to happen? 10 after and no room up.
  10. until

    Wish I could make it but won't be on until a bit later. Spending some time with the family for July 4th.
  11. until

    Is there going to be a discord channel set up for this?
  12. until

    Disregard this. I am dumb haha.
  13. until

    It doesn't appear that I received my token for attending this earlier.
  14. until

    Too bad I am going to be at work. Hope you guys have fun.
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