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  1. until

    Good games guys, next time we'll get that W
  2. until

    I dont think I'll make the team but I'd like to see how I compare to those that do.
  3. until

    Good games, better trash talk
  4. LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WHO WANNA PLAY WARZONE AND STREAM! I'm trying to find a group of people to run warzones with while streaming. Since I'm not a top tier player and am brand new to streaming I'd like to have a group to interact with while playing to add to the entertainment value of my videos. Fellow beginner streamers like me are also welcome obviously, let's build an audience together! 

  5. until

    LETS GO!
  6. until

    Let's get it!
  7. until

    Good games everyone!
  8. until

    I literally just finished, I hooked it up to the hardline awhile ago to speed things up! Joining on you guys now.
  9. until

    Update still has hours left 😭 don't think ill make this one either
  10. until

    Probably will take a break after this event, ill be playing for like 6 hours straight by the time its over lol
  11. until

    Let's get it done folks! Edit: Unfortunately this update is gonna make me miss this one.
  12. until

    Lets get that dub!
  13. until

    See you in a few hours
  14. until

    Good games everyone! Message me if you wanna play more COD folks, there's no more events today but I'm down lol
  15. until

    Good games everyone!
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