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  1. until

    nice nice...cant wait
  2. until

    looking forward to playing some pirates with ya
  3. until

    Looking forward to some chill ARAM games.
  4. until

    Looking forward to drawing some weird stuff
  5. until

    For a second there I was like ...waaiiiittt... gangplank is a spider??
  6. Peachy

    Love him

    He was amazing. He spotted some mistakes I made that I never could've seen myself. He was also really nice to me and all in all he made me improve my decision making which was my main problem.
  7. until

    @TheJukerYes sorry autocorrect XDD ty for the event btw
  8. until

    looking forward to the event (tbh just need the REP coz me not much of a social person)
  9. Peachy

    [CLAN] Morning Tea


    it was very nice and informative
  10. until

    It was really fun and nice....ty fr the event...and i'll try to talk next time.....im sry
  11. until

    had fun and it was kinda good that we were a group of 2...kinda get nervous in large groups TwT
  12. until

    looking forward to it
  13. until

    wont miss this one...there are so many voice channels...cant find anything twT
  14. until

    Can't wait...gonna be my first event so might get lost...sry in advance if i do ha ha...im kinda stupid
  15. Peachy

    [CLAN] Morning Tea


    Csn't wait for it and learn more about this friendly community ^^ looking forward to it. Might aswell make some tea before the event coz DAMN tea is delicious
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