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  1. until

    Me very excited for doggo league :D
  2. until

    this event is amazing, the best simps in the world are all here :D
  3. until

    I just realised something SIMP = Squirrels In My Pants Now i can't stop hearing that song in my head
  4. until

    Mastery 6 Leona YAY
  5. until

    my favorite human is hosting an event I'M COMING
  6. until

    Yes, my favorite event, 'cause everyone knows Dogs>>>>>>>>>>>Cats
  7. until

    no ;-; i went braum, i got a chest from him already tbh i think i already had chests with every support i play with
  8. until

    i want a chest :D
  9. until

    First time going to Insomniacs league YAY
  10. until

    I can't keep winning like that, or else i'm going to start thinking that i'm actually good at this game
  11. until

    i cant go ;-;
  12. until

    I love that Braum pic, it's perfect
  13. until

    Dis is da first time i see u hosting an event i'm going
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