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  1. until

    another great @tamaschqueevent in the books thanks @tamaschquefor hosting really appreciate your for hosting @tamaschque
  2. until

    ok sorry I was just checking if you we're attending or not @ArandomSkeletonalso by chance @tamaschqueare you coming to this event @tamaschque
  3. until

    @ArandomSkeletonare you attending this event brother looking very much forward to playing with you @ArandomSkeletonand thank you @aquarius2077 for hosting this event
  4. until

    I'm quite looking forward to this event with the bro's and @tamaschquethank you for holding this event @tamaschqueI appreciate you @tamaschque

    [DI-XXI] Twisted Apex


    Really looking forward to this event and getting some games in @tamaschqueare you attending @tamaschque
  6. until

    Looking forward to this event @tamaschqueI'm quite excited for your event @tamaschque thank you for hosting @tamaschque
  7. until

    Awesome @tamaschque thanks for your reply I look forward to seeing you there @tamaschque
  8. until

    ok very good yes @vipermellory thank you for holding this event. @tamaschqueare you attending? just wondering awaiting your reply @tamaschque
  9. until

    looking forward to another great @tamaschque event thanks for hosting @tamaschque you're my favorite host @tamaschque
  10. until

    smutny hope everything is ok bracie
  11. until

    ayyylmao ;)
  12. until

    the event is still happening @Kriticalis taking over. @UseCodeCrownie @JustSola @Unidentified @Catty0 @Palamaker @krimminn @StaticDisruptorif everyone is still available to attend
  13. until

    another great @tamaschque event in to the books. thanks for hosting @tamaschqueand gg's to the broskis @vipermellory and @Nemkai
  14. until

    looking forward to this crownie event. and thanks for getting me 90% off my gfuel order with code crownie @UseCodeCrownie
  15. until

    is the event still happening?
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