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  1. Hiya! New around here, but i'm back after a short hiatus. I had a few questions..
    1. I was told to go to my Comp TL for my competitive team, searching for who that would be. 
    2. Do comments count for "posts" for the 50 req?
    3. If it's possible, and do let me know if this is allowed, if anyone is recruiting for a team or needs a sub or something, i'm down. I play league of legends, Plat 4.


    1. TimeToLight


      1. For you specifically it is currently @Rodd(I believe)

      2. Yes

      3. That is allowed, Good luck with your searches :) 



    2. AyenLi
  2. until

    Sounds dope, i'll be free this time.
  3. until

    I'm in! Good luck everyone!
  4. until

  5. until

    Im ready
  6. until

    Alrighty, sounds fun! Lets do this!
  7. until

    I signed up!
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