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  1. until

    I absolutely agree, he is the best!
  2. until

    Looking very much forward to another event by @tamaschque
  3. until

    Once again had fun with @vipermelloryand @TKMARTIAN! Love to everyone who came, but special thanks to @tamaschquewho hosted it!
  4. until

    Ayy gotcha bro
  5. Nemkai

    [DI-XXI] Apex Galore!


    Glad i attended this event, had a great time with @krimminnand @TKMARTIAN!
  6. until

    Unfortunately I can't, I'm having a wedding today. Hope u guys get some good games though! May the Allfather bless you with good rng
  7. until

    Ah no problem my guy, that's time well spent hahah, we can play another day anytime!
  8. until

    Thanks for hosting the event @tamaschque. GG's to @vipermelloryand @KingD, hopefully we get better loot next time ;)
  9. until

    Very excited for this event! Hope to see more people coming. @TKMARTIANwill u be there too?
  10. until

    I would love to come but that would be 3 am for me and I don't think I can do that, so unfortunately I have to say no to this one.
  11. until

    Aight bro get me in that too, would love to participate!
  12. until

    Glad to say I can add another one of @tamaschquegreat events to my history. Had a fun time with @TKMARTIANand @Sorbae. Cheers to our victory!
  13. until

    Can't get enough of these events by @tamaschque! Let's goooo!
  14. until

    Your events never fail to amaze me @tamaschque. I was brutally forced to play with @TKMARTIANand @Kriticalbut I gotta say it was alot of fun! Looking forward to the next event. GG's everyone
  15. until

    Very excited for this event that's hosted by the one and only@tamaschque! Hahah, i'm looking forward to it @TKMARTIAN
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