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  1. until
    Team Practice Token - Other Event (+10 REP/HOUR) Hosting officer - @Ros3 Description: Going over strats on Club House. Playing unranked to work on team coms and relationship bonding with one another
  2. i think @Whiskersis the coolest guy ive ever met in my life ngl. Hes a god at siege and rlly cute teehee

  3. i sometimes think of uninstalling r6

  4. @samiam2405is a pretty rad dude ngl

  5. gn homies

  6. Playing some siege with the boys


  7. good to be back in the house. I hate texas weather.

  8. How is everyone doing today?

  9. Gm to everyone, @Whiskersstill aint back yet. Havent talked to him in like a month. :(

  10. Today wasnt a very good day for me, but gn everyone. :FeelsRainMan:


  11. gn everyone see you tomorrow

  12. Love you little man

  13. Good night to everyone, especially my new little recruits. :diPega: 

  14. not gonna hop on a hype train or anything, but since joining di, ive had the most fun playing games. Ive connected with some great people that just made my life better. I enjoy being apart of this community and what it has to offer. Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcomed.

  15. gn @Whiskerscant wait for lunch :pepege:

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