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  1. until

    Excellent I hope when I host events mines will be as top notch as yours @MrBOOM105
  2. until

    I might be late to the event today
  3. until

    @MrBOOM105host top tier r6 events
  4. until

    oh ok i just now seeing this
  5. until

    One of the biggest event i was in in the siege game had like 4 chat lobbies going on all groups of 5
  6. until

    I will be at work at that time will there be gaming or is this a twitch event?
  7. until

    Thank you for the Event
  8. until

    kinda a bummer it got cancel but also relieved it was because I had a thing to do and it went pass 2pm
  9. until

    That was a nice event glade i came
  10. until

    Thank you for the event
  11. until

    ok thanks for tell us much appreciated
  12. until

    What chat is it in?
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