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  1. until

    I might not be home in time
  2. until

    Happy 4th of july
  3. until

    I have to attend morning tea at same time as this
  4. until

    Not sure if I will make it. Have to run out for a bit. Might not be back in time
  5. until

    Thats fine. Just sucks. Just about everything on pc was hacked. No longer using that pc. Someone is checking it out.
  6. until

    I got hacked and lost just about everything. For some reason i dont see any groups on discord. No friends. My bank accont got hit. Even Nintendo account got hacked. lost friends on switch. lord knows when i will be back on
  7. until

    My home internet crashed again. I only have my mobile internet.
  8. until

    ok ok u twisted my arm. I am going..just kidding.. I am attending
  9. until

    so from 5-6 would be 11-12. I can still do that time
  10. until

    I can open my island for people. I dont have much. I have a few diy cards on ground if people need them. Come and look if u want. Let me know
  11. until

    I will be here
  12. until

    I hope we get enough people tonight I also have around 7 diy cards if people are looking for some. I drop all my copies of what i already have incase someone needs one
  13. dave02895

    [DI-XL] Find the Weapons


    I see that.
  14. dave02895

    [DI-XL] Find the Weapons


    @bruhnicringewhy am i tagged do u know. I am lost lol
  15. dave02895

    [DI-XL] Find the Weapons


    I dont know what this is but i am tagged lol
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