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  1. until

    Thanks for the event. Good host! :)
  2. until

    Thanks for commenting @XLuckyL Yeah I was thinking it's server location issue with the VC. Not much we can do about that unless there was way to have both NA and EU for the discord (thinking). I didn't have much issues before but it happened yesterday and again today so made me wonder. No worries. There is always more to learn regardless if you are new to the job or old veteran. Today hasn't been my day with events tbh. At least I can laugh about this mess. Nothing too serious :P
  3. until

    I don't care about the rep too much. I just want to play with people and have fun and make new friends and so on. So when I join event in time and then can't play it just makes me sad. I joined right at the hour when this one started I think, so wasn't too late. I just want to help people. So even tho that other person joined late I said ok to your suggestion. Realistically we should have split the 6 of us to 2 groups. Or at least ask first if the other people had started their game before making the decision to move me there. Just some things to note :) I like you feli and that's all the more reason to give honest feedback
  4. until

    Well idk how I should feel about this. So we were 5 then another one joined at the event. Then@felibouilleasked if I could join to a group of 3. All fine by me. Then I find out they had already started I mean no problem it's already 10 past the hour so. Then my discord voice chat is having some serious lag and like occasional +1k ping. So I can't hear much what they say. I'm a nice guy so I just tell them go a head and play. Hope they heard it.I'm just tired because today I managed to properly play in 1 event and rest attempts are similar to this event. So yeah idk. Something about the system seems broken so improve it! A. is it just me or are other people having this discord voice lag as well? B. Is it my foult I miss events due to some random mess? I'd like to think not. It's furstraiting. I just want to have fun with people. OK?
  5. until

    I rate this event 2/5 because nobody wanted to play with me. I found someone else to play with outside the event but not ideal
  6. until

    This was interesting. Thanks for the community updates!
  7. until

    So this is my first morning tea that I actually can join :D
  8. until

    Wasn't sure if I RSVPed this event in time it was 2min past the hour but I have noticed the hosts of events tend to wait 5 past before starting events so not sure. I'm guessing I was too late since I didn't get event token. Just not sure how strickt the system is or stuff. Some ppl have said RSVPing before 5 past works sometimes but I'm a bit confused. Eitherway I had fun playing :) Edit: Oh I got the token now. Thanks
  9. until

    Thanks for the event :)
  10. until

    oof I missed this because I was tired and went to bed xD
  11. until

    oof I forgot to watch the time and now it's 18:12 xD. Well next time :P
  12. until

    Thanks @TruthZerxI'll join if I can :D
  13. until

    This sounds like fun event. I'd like to join next time :D
  14. until

    Well that was interesting
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