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  1. until

    But it doesnt matter :D
  2. Did anyone else specificly requested for RLevent to be at Sunday evening? That is my concern
  3. I posted suggestion for Sunday before lunch or early after that. I go on every Sunday later afternoon on college. I am sorry that I am not home at Sundays evenings.
  4. until

    Its gonna be NA based for RL? :o Who desided for RL EU to be on Sunday evening?
  5. I even suggested and asked way before if it can be earlier or other day on weekend. No one even gave me an answer.
  6. Wait whaaat? For what reason is RL only on Sunday. It litteraly said on info that you gotta participate whole weekend to get hammer token. And then you put it on Sunday omg. Why not Saturday?????????
  7. miha0606

    [SW] Rocket Mystery


    This is actaully great idea to implement in events. I never played mafia RL so it should be fun :D
  8. until

    Will there be some txt recap of meeting?
  9. until

    No premade teams. Oh come on. I am not coming then. Not risking my brain cells 🤣
  10. until

    Are you gonna be making VC on discord for this event?
  11. Great Competitive Event - Roster Challenge - [A6 vs A7]. It was all streamed on www.twitch.tv/miha0606

     you can check past boradcast :D
  12. until

    Hello :D
  13. Hello, I am Croatian Verity Streamer that loves to play games with other people. I play games like RL (s13 and this season 14 GC), Valorant, R6S, WOT and many more. I came in DI to get in RL team and improve my gaming skills.

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