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  1. until

    It was fun playing with you @Pedelty! Thanks for joining our training, hope you will do that again soon!
  2. until

    I cannot attend unfortunately, I have a Ceph League tournament when this starts, as in June I played enough to be competing in the finals, even though I joined this div already! Next time I will try to attend this bonding event for sure! :-)
  3. until

    It was fun to play with you all I had the chance today! Thank you for hosting @ElSqueakster! :-)
  4. until

    Thanks for the quick response! Will see, but I'm sure you all have something new to teach even to a GC.. ;-D
  5. until

    Dear @ChocoGreen, As you are the main host of this event, I'm addressing you my question. If I am only interested in one topic of this event's list of topics, may I only attend 1 hour from the beginning and then leave after one full hour? Can I get then one event token for the one hour I was attending? Thanks in advance, I wish all the coaches the best, Daem0nXL
  6. until

    This was my first Division Meeting, but it was fun, heard about news, had time to ask questions, although I personally had none, and at the end was just phenomenal.. :-D Thank you @Toomfor hosting! :-)
  7. until

    Unfortunately this event got moved to when I will have already a roster practice, so I have to leave this event. :( Hopefully I can attend the other event on Friday! :-)
  8. Daem0nXL

    [DI-XIX] Rocket League fun


    It was fun playing some scrims with you all, members of division XIX! Thanks for hosting such an event @Flora! :-)
  9. until

    Can't really argue with that.. :)
  10. until

    It was lovely playing with you guys, thanks for hosting @Blazervitch! :-) See you all at the next event!
  11. until

    Thanks for the invitation as well as the opportunity to practice Rocket League! It was fun as basically all the time it is! :-) Hope I can be here next time as well, Daem0nXL
  12. until

    Really nice to hear, thank you very much! :D Will do!
  13. until

    Had plenty of fun, thanks for letting me join you guys! :-) Definitely gonna catch you around later again! Daem0nXL
  14. until

    It was fun playing in Ceph League, thanks for hosting @Blazervitch! Definitely need a rematch sometime later. I will try to attend these Ceph League events! :-) Daem0nXL
  15. until

    @Ezra, my friend, it was a great practice event, it was nice to get to know new people from DI, had plenty of fun during the games! Hope to get invited again sometime soon! :-) Cheers, Daem0nXL
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