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  1. Strikest

    [DI-XI] Payday 2


    Yessss, payday 2 baby!
  2. until

    No more yasuo, he ded
  3. until

    Thanks for hosting the mentoring session! I definitely believe that we all need a mission to rally behind and I look forward to see how my division grows!
  4. until

    Late night inting, just what I wanted!
  5. Strikest

    (DI-XXXII) Ban Draven


    Dravens are toxic
  6. until

    Oh yeah, my first dagger social bonding event!
  7. until

    GG guys, was fun!
  8. until

    Sometimes you need a relaxing time playing pokemon to keep the tilt away :D
  9. until

    It's bug catching season
  10. until

    How exciting, we got some greats battling it out in aram :)
  11. until

    I'm not tilted, you're tilted
  12. until

    Yay, I like getting carried and especially when my carry gets me fed
  13. until

    Oh yeah, ready to start my leaguing!
  14. until

    Organized and easy to understand, thanks for the class!
  15. Strikest

    [DI-XI] Payday 2


    Was a great event earlier. Only wish it was an hour later and longer! :D
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