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  1. until

    Biggest event i have attended so far, got level 6 on kai sa, thx for hosting
  2. until

    Cool :D
  3. until

  4. until

    Cool event. Honestly havent seen a host with such dedication and passion. @minimini parents walked in before the event, walked in threatened to take her PC away from her and yet she couldnt let down the people who wanted to part take. She continued with the event. Honestly thee best host ever :D
  5. until

    Cool eeveent got my lvl 7 on Ekko :D
  6. until

    Tried my best in tft... 8th place
  7. until

    Is that an eu event?
  8. until

    What is the name of the channel? NVM got it
  9. until

    Cool 1st training. Enjoyed playing with the new team :D
  10. spacer.png

    Maybe I should switch to toplane I know my cs is awfull but something i could work on :D

  11. until

    Awwww :(
  12. until

    Quick game, quick hecarim
  13. until

    Cool host :D
  14. until

    Cool event :D
  15. until

    Am I allowed to join this event even if i am not part of this devision?
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