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  1. until

    @TKMARTIAN@NemkaiHey bois sign up already!
  2. until

    This was indeed really good was fun with you home bois. Special thanks to @tamaschquefor bieng our incredible host!
  3. until

    Not gunna lie but you took my words man! Well typed! Props to @tamaschque
  4. until

    Lets GO!!!!!
  5. until

    I see @Rex showed everyone around in asia with his event thats prety good. BUT YE WE SHOULD! #Missing @tamaschque
  6. until

    Sucks i couldnt be there :( Missing @tamaschque<3 Hope i can be there soon again gotta grind.
  7. until

    Gotta work my man. He gotta do it with your guide skills only.
  8. until

    Its aight man ill gladly do it again!
  9. until

    Was Lit man hope i can show you around in the Amsterdam servers again sometime. Thanks @tamaschque
  10. until

    I can hear the excitment in your voice chat! LETS GO!
  11. until

    We could just play with 3 :(
  12. until

    Thats why you the best host man! #BestFriendsForEver #NeverLeaving
  13. until

    @TKMARTIANI will be here for sure! I'm looking really forwards to this! Especially since we have a great host @tamaschque ! #Lets_Mix_NA_And_EU_Again #TK_Viper_Premades
  14. until

    I'm really looking forward to this aswell especially since @TKMARTIANis here now. And no @TKMARTIANIt all depends on the host.
  15. until

    Some crazy ppl in this event
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