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  1. until

    I am so excited for this event! :D
  2. until
     Staff Bonding Night Hosting Officers - @Starlight Event Token - Other Event (+10 REP) A nice event for staff to bond in and generally be stupid together ♥ Grab a drink, grab some snacks, and get ready for bullshit because we're heading to Jackbox Party Pack Honourary Staff Member: retired veteran Gendu! And designated best laugh and drink recommendations: Duality! May also include Cards Against Humanity, Custom Skribbl, or OW PUGs
  3. until

    Spend a few sessions getting to know each other. Dex can apply for a coach soon
  4. until
     Division Bonding/Initiate Event Hosting Officers - @Starlight Event Token - Other Event (+10 REP) Division bonding time! We'll start off with a few quick words on our progress in June and answer any questions you have Before moving to themed Skribbl, Jackbox, or another social game
  5. until
    Duplicate event due to 504 error. Cancelled
  6. Welcome aboard XXV!

  7. Oh look, it's Yoyi! I can't believe it!

  8. until

  9. until

    I was summoned elsewhere DX Sorry Grey and Onyx! ♥
  10. until
    Team Leader Mentoring Session EVENT TOKEN: Other Event (+10 REP) per hour HOSTING OFFICER: @Starlight EVENT DETAILS: This is an optional mentoring session for Team Leader. This session is mainly intended for people that currently hold this position. An Officer with a lot of experience in this role will explain the basics of the role and give some tips & tricks on how to succeed in this role. Participation is very strongly encouraged. Feel welcome to ask any question you have! These mentors are all currently officers in other roles and are very busy. They are taking time out of their life to be there and teach you the basics of the position, so please treat them with respect and thank them for their hard work at the end of the session! Important note: this is not 1on1 and while the mentors may be available for questions outside of sessions, you should still go to your CoC for questions.
  11. until
    Fight Night Match [Overwatch] Sabre Valravn vs Crimson Rose Host: @Starlight Event Attendance Token: (10 rep per hour) Competitive Token: (1 token per series) Captains: Starlight & @Empor
  12. Starlight

    [AFU] Fight Night


    Sabre Valravn vs [DI-XX ] [A3] [Overwatch]
  13. until

    Start: https://imgur.com/yzVrcmd Mid: https://imgur.com/FFLEuUs End: https://imgur.com/CdsWk0d
  14. until

    Start: https://imgur.com/MkLNYpF End: https://imgur.com/yiE52or
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