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  1. until

    Unable to Attend. I will be at work.
  2. JesTa

    [CLAN] Morning Tea


    Is there an Agenda posted somewhere about what the Morning Tea will be Covering??
  3. until

    I am the Only Available Member on the Roster. Not enough Attendees
  4. until

    I am the Only Available Member on the Roster. Not enough Attendees
  5. until

    OK, My Team is out, I dont have 3 players anymore.. Thanks! Please Remove C-3P0 from the Bracket.
  6. until

    Need 1 for Thor's Challenge, Please share the word! Champion 1+ Region: NA
  7. until

    Event Cancelled, Not Enough Attendees
  8. until

    Event Cancelled, Not Enough Attendees
  9. until

    @Acoivix @Yecho @L3G3ND @TicTac @Xaulty The Channel is Up for Practice!
  10. until

    Event Cancelled, Not enough Attendees
  11. until

    @Acoivix @Yecho@L3G3ND@TicTac Any of you Care to Join us for Practice in 15 minutes?
  12. until

    Event Cancelled, Not Enough Attendees.
  13. until

    Screenshots, Event Start & End with DMG Website Error: https://imgur.com/a/agCR48t Claws Attended Event. Choco_Green Attended Event.
  14. until

    Will RL Only be played on Sunday? I thought I read in Thor's Challenge that there was [1st Day] Round Robin [2nd Day] Bracket and 3rd Day] Finals? Can my Team play in the EU Bracket? Since the Tournament is EU based, we will accept all Ping Differences and play on EU Servers.
  15. until
    Host: @JesTa Event Token: Other Event Token (10 REP) Details: This Event allows for all players of Any Rank to Collaborate on Training Video(s). Lets Apply what we learned! After the Videos, we will take the field in some friendly In House Scrims.
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