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  1. until

    Alright to attend as Audio only once again? as working during the times.
  2. until

    I can't attend, working my stupid hours again :(
  3. until

    Working, can't attend :(
  4. until

    I kinda second this, I don't really suffer hugely from ping issues, but some others were upwards of 300 ping all game. IS there any way to have a tag for users on continent and maybe when the brackets are made it's decided on majority server, and tagged for the host to make the game in the specified region? (Don't know if this is possible, but a suggestion none the less.)
  5. until

    Gonna have to play with my head poking out the window to see the Rocket flyy!
  6. until

    Very enjoyable event, bit confusing organising the games at some points but did well :)
  7. until

    Might be otherwise occupied, I'll get back to ya. Should be done by 8 though.
  8. until

    Bagsy AO.
  9. until

    Should hopefully be able to make it, I have pre-arrangements earlier tomorrow but should be back by 7.
  10. until

    MY absolute favourite mode, count me in. Fingers crossed on my headset.
  11. Why am I still awake... o_o,

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