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  1. darkycombat

    [DI-X] Tryouts


    game was out against us, changing the hitbox on the fly
  2. darkycombat

    [DI-X] Tryouts


    aNiMe WaTcH pArTy
  3. until

    gotta post farm
  4. until

  5. until

    Team Dragonese
  6. until

    you ligma'ed me how could you Brick
  7. until

    how could you do this to me
  8. until

    we kill them, and then we go home
  9. until

    aw shucks, i was hoping for 2 hrs of smokes
  10. until

    vertigo? more like vertistop
  11. until

    17 ppl u gotta be kidding me
  12. until

    1 man can only handle so much mirage
  13. until

    i got cleared up
  14. until

    wait we ended 6:30 when event ends 6:40 shit
  15. until

    damn these practices getting earlier and earlier gib vid pls
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