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  1. until

    Honestly, this tournament was hyped up way too much to turn out this mediocre. I thought maybe at least the final match would be streamed, but nothing was streamed or even recognised by anyone outside of the attendees. There’s really 0 reason for us to attend the next one when we can literally just play fight night matches or clash for actual prizes.
  2. until

    Cancelled because nobody showed up....
  3. until

    Cancelled due to personal issues, feep free to take over
  4. until

    Moved back by an hour
  5. until

    Not hosting, feel free to take over.
  6. until

    Yeah, they announced a problem with the game, so its delayed for the time being. I will probably cancel this event and make one when the game is out.
  7. until

    Cancelled, nobody turned up
  8. until

    Ending screenshots: http://prntscr.com/t54hpe http://prntscr.com/t54hzl
  9. until

  10. until

    Cancelling cause I cant make it, feel free to take over
  11. until

    @ReDsCoRpIoNFix the event time please.
  12. until

  13. until

    NOTE: We have one more slot open, after that I will not be accepting any more players (15/16) All slots have been filled.
  14. until

    Idk man using yikes is kind of worse imo
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