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  1. until
    We will be doing some Pubs and ranked games. Thats mainly it and we will point out what you should and work on for the week
  2. until
    We will be doing 1v1s and will look at mistakes if we have extra time we will do some ranked/pubs and have fun
  3. until
    We will do some ranked go over some mistakes and will do some teamcall outs.
  4. until
    We will be practicing like normal i will be watching over your games and we will be playing some ranked and some team callouts
  5. until
    This event we will be doing some skribble.io for apex legends come join and have some fun
  6. until
    VALKYRIE Team practice We will be doing a normal practice session Also going over stratergies and mistakes
  7. until

    I am happy that my team and i can practice
  8. until

    This event is going to be great im am very much looking forward to it
  9. until

    Another morning tea very very nice
  10. until

    Im so excited for this event
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