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  1. until

    Attention to everyone going to this event! I'm yeeting my giveaway in this event!! This time I'll be giving away 1 million bells (1 winner), 4 stacks of fish bait (1 winner), and a flower bundle of gold, blue, and black roses (1 winner)! Please DM me on discord if you want to enter. This time, due to not having as many people as I expected, you can enter in all three! (But if you don't want to that's fine too)
  2. until

    I'm really sorry everybody, but the giveaway will be cancelled for today. I promise to try and get it scheduled for another day!
  3. until

    Hey y'all, not sure if you already know this, but I might be throwin' in my giveaway in this event! I'll be inviting people to my island to hang, do some trivia, run around but not through the flowers >:(, and eventually participate in a huge giveaway! I'll be giving away 3 stacks of NMTs (1 winner), 2 stacks of star fragments (1 winner), and 3 stacks of hardwood and softwood (1 winner)! Don't worry, there's also a consolation prize of... a stack of wasp nests. Hey, at least it's something. Be sure to DM me if you want to enter in any of them! @Protaygo @IllusoryPhoenix @Louise @Zairenzu @dave02895
  4. until

    I would like to but unfortunately due to my insane summer schedule I can't guarantee I'll be able to make it. I'll do my best though! ...I hope I didn't accidentally ping them all again if I did I'm sorry
  5. until

    gigantic cube it is!
  6. until

    you haven't experienced time warp then :/
  7. until

    did i hear 10x boost and time warp?
  8. Supercow

    [DI-XIII]RL Mafia


    i think everything and everyone just straight up lost their entire brains
  9. until

    i've already done that lol
  10. until

    I don't think it is but the event hasn't been cancelled yet sooooo
  11. until

    Murdock does indeed have a wonderful voice.
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