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  1. until

    i'm here for it, honestly.
  2. until

    I had alot of fun in this event, The best part was listening to @CatchingFiretell us all about how much he dislikes Warzone Realism. 11/10 would do again.
  3. until

    i look forward to meeting you :)
  4. until

    im excited for this :D
  5. until

    This was a great event held by @LittlePittle, professionally held and made us all feel welcome :D Thanks!
  6. until

  7. until

    if it was a 3 hour event you would do, but it is actually a 2 hour event :)
  8. until

    i'll have to leave after the first half as i have a Division Meeting
  9. until

    Hello @LittlePittle, what is the difference between this event/training and the other Imperium recruiting training?
  10. until

    hype! lets see if we cant get my first win...
  11. until

    that was so fun! thanks to all for setting it up. especially the games at the end with @oceaneperettiand @Corazon:D
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