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  1. until

    Can i go to this event?
  2. until

    Time to totally not tilt
  3. until

    Joined to realise it's NA : (
  4. until

    Seems fun
  5. until

    Thicc boy time
  6. until

    Time to run it down : D
  7. until

    Seems fun
  8. spore144

    [SW] Jackbox Jive


    Yeah I looked it up and realised you didn't need to own the game which is why I edited my comment. Sorry for having you reply to my stupidity : D
  9. spore144

    [SW] Jackbox Jive


    Looking forward to it.
  10. until

    I mean we got to be snakes for 50 minutes.
  11. until

    Thanks for the lee carry Archie
  12. until

    Is it okay to attend even though I may not be able to speak during the event?
  13. until

    I'm ready to rumble
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