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  1. Epicness

    [DI-IV]Epic CS:GO MM Fun


    Still happening, just @MrPowerrswill be hosting and starting the event
  2. Epicness

    [DI-IV]Epic CS:GO MM Fun


    not hosting anymore due to leadership changes
  3. until
    [DI-IV] CS:GO MM FUN Host: @MrPowerrs Cohost: @Epicness Token:10 rep/hr Other Event token Details: We will play together on MM and have FUN while pubstomping. Everyone can join! PRIME REQUIRED 1 hour event! Channel will be created 10-15 minutes before event
  4. until

    Very likely that I can't come this day due to my birthday party. Will practice some smokes though to make up for it.
  5. Epicness

    [DI-X] Tryouts


    may have to leave early
  6. Epicness

    [DI-IV] Tryouts


    GG WP guys. Learned a lot.
  7. until

    Where is my event token?
  8. until

    GG WP, we won against anime profile pics.
  9. until

    Seems like it would be fun. Hopefully I can download the beforehand.
  10. until

    GG WP guys even though we lost we played it cool. We should practice a bit before
  11. until

    ggwp guys
  12. until

    Ok cool, Looking forward to this.
  13. until

    Not registered to faceit unfortunately.
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