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  1. until

    Thanks for the event! Once I finally got it all figured out it was quite fun playing with new people :)
  2. until

    is this open to everyone or is this a division/house event?
  3. until

    Thanks for the event!
  4. until

    thanks for the event, I had a blast!
  5. until

    hopefully I can finish part of the house this time
  6. until

    I work that day, but hopefully will be done by the start time.
  7. until

    Thanks for the event. I forgot how fun playing FTB mods are
  8. until

    is this on the DI minecraft server?
  9. until

    thanks for the event!
  10. gypsyheartmama

    [DI-XI] Skribbl away!


    thanks for the event, it was fun!
  11. until

    fantastic! I will keep an eye open. Thank you
  12. until

    I was hoping to attend this one, but I'm working until 6pm. Will there be another Trident induction event this month?
  13. until

    Thanks for these events, they're always interesting
  14. until

    Thanks for the event! Looking forward to jumping into more of them
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