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  1. until

    so pumped to kick some butt tonight, hope y'all are ready!
  2. burpboi

    [DI-XXX] LoL-TFT Bash


    Second place is as good as any!
  3. until

    I always love all the cat memes I get sent when I go to this events, they should specify that this is mostly EU
  4. until

    had a lot of fun and even got to try out the new game mode, pretty much got carried most of the time lol
  5. until

    This kid is good! beat us all to a pulp
  6. until

    had a long game but had some proper tilters. overall gg
  7. until

    had fun playing a couple normal games and a couple arams, ggs all around :)
  8. until

    great game everyone, can't believe I won 1st place!
  9. until

    Had two big wins tonight, look forward to the next event :)
  10. until

    had fun playing some TFT and got to see some good matches in the process :)
  11. burpboi

    [DI-XXX] LoL-TFT Bash


    got to watch one of the best comeback stories ever and see how the pros really do it lol
  12. until

    had fun playing some 4v4s with fellow NA members, love all of the cats lol :3
  13. until

    Made it just in time to play a fun game with some cool new peeps :)
  14. until

    Played a pretty hard matchup, had fun still :)
  15. until

    I was sad it was only one hour instead of two but i still had fun playing with everyone :)
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